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Illuminated advertisement, 3D logos, illuminated boards and boxes, sign making

The company SVEREO, officially registered as 'Světelná reklama Ostrava s.r.o.', is one the largest companies in the Czech Republic involved in the manufacture of illuminated advertisement (LED), plastic 3D logos and signs. Our headquarters is located in Ostrava, nevertheless neon signs and signmaking we deliver to companies throughout the country mainly due to the branch in Prague, which will satisfy the demand for illuminated advertising in Prague and Central Bohemia Region cities: Beroun, Kladno, Kralupy nad Vltavou, Melnik, Neratovice, Brandys nad Labem, Celakovice, Uvaly, Ricany and more. After the agreement also operate in other cities of the Czech Republic: Hradec Kralove, Plzen, Most, Teplice and more.

Our main area of expertise is the development of luminous (LED) and design elements for companies of regional and national importance. We collaborate closely with Bonver, the largest casino and gambling enterprise in the Czech Republic, which we supply with complex interior and exterior advertising solutions. We also deliver our products and services to a variety of advertising agencies. Last but not least, we manufacture illuminated advertisements for various malls, shopping centres and stores.

Thanks to the innovative approach and utilized technologies, we stand among the leaders in the areas of 3D plastic logos manufacture, sign making and delivery of complex advertising systems to chain stores. We believe that our products and services will catch your eye.

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MEDRIX or LED panels programming

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Our “Generous” Laser

During September we expanded our technological base with an efficient industrial laser CF 1390 which enabled us to be one of the operators with the most powerful lasers in Moravia. It is a gas laser CO2 with the power of 80W. In fact, this laser is a machine looking like „a glass freezing box“ with …

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